Durkin’s Nursery is a B&B Nursery in the foothills of the Cascades 20 minutes Southeast of Portland. We are a smaller family owned business that grows many varieties of primarily grafted conifers, some beech and a few maples. We tend to plant in smaller quantities usually 50 to 250, occasionally 500 of a particular tree. Mike and Laurie Durkin have owned the nursery for 20+ year’s, keeping staffing low along with our prices. We enjoy dealing with nursery people at all levels, but get particular enjoyment from dealing with businesses similar to ours, smaller, more personal operations. We provide nursery stock to garden centers & re-wholesalers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the U.S.

We graft most of our own product, keeping a quality process.  We use rootstock that has been in it’s container for at least a year.  Once established, the grafted seedling is transplanted into a 1 gallon container helping to establish a larger but compact root system before transplanting into the field.